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Classification of buckets

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1. Excavator buckets are divided into backhoe buckets and front shovel buckets according to their working methods. Generally, backhoe buckets are commonly used.

2. According to the different mechanical action principles, it is divided into front shovel, backhoe, grab bucket and dragline.

1. The front shovel of the excavator is hinged on the end of the stick and driven by an oil cylinder. During operation, the digging force is from bottom to top, and the excavation trajectory is often arc, which is suitable for excavating sand, gravel, coal mines and other operations above the stop surface.

2. Excavator backhoe: It is hinged with the stick connecting rod and driven by the oil cylinder. During operation, the digging force is from top to bottom, and the excavation trajectory is arc line. It is suitable for excavating soil layers, sand, coal mines, etc. below the stop surface. Construction work.

3. The grab of the excavator is shaped like a shell, and the hydraulic cylinder is used to drive the grab to open and close like a shell to grab the material or the rope roll will cut into the material vertically according to its own weight. It is generally used in construction foundation pit excavation, deep pit excavation and coal mining , sand, Ni, gravel and other loose materials, especially suitable for excavation or loading on one side of a ditch or restricted space.

4. The excavator dragline is in the shape of a dustpan, with a tooth seat plate and bucket teeth. During operation, the bucket is thrown on the excavation surface, the shovel teeth cut into the soil layer by its own weight, and then the bucket is pulled by the index cable for excavation. Unload soil. The soil below the parking surface can be excavated, but the excavation accuracy is poor.

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