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Bulldozer use

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way of walking

Bulldozers can be divided into two types: crawler type and tire type. The crawler bulldozer has large adhesion and traction, small grounding specific pressure (0.04-0.13MPa), strong climbing ability, but low driving speed. The tire-type bulldozer has high driving speed, flexible maneuverability, short operation cycle time, convenient transportation and transfer, but small traction force, which is suitable for the situation where the construction site and field work need to be changed frequently.

By use

It can be divided into general type and special type. The general-purpose type is a model produced according to the standard, and is widely used in earthwork engineering. Special types are used in specific working conditions, including wetland bulldozers and swamp bulldozers, amphibious bulldozers, underwater bulldozers, cabin bulldozers, unmanned bulldozers, plateau and high Bulldozers operating in wet conditions, etc.

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