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Dear friends, thank you for visiting the website of Suzhou Ludun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., we will wholeheartedly provide you with high-quality service!

Jiangsu Factory Address: No. 99, Wenzhou Avenue, Jiawang District, Xuzhou City

Anhui Factory Address: Pengzu Road, Yongqiao District, Suzhou City

Contact: Wang Xiao

Tel: +86-15162247600


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Talents come out of the competition, not through seeing. We respect everyone's knowledge and ability, and pay attention to the quality training of employees. We provide a level playing field and environment. Strive for employees to achieve self-worth in a competitive and cooperative way.

The concept of talent is: 

both ability and political integrity, morality first, and dedication to work. We don't know people with Bole's eyes, but let the horses race and gallop.

Employment principles:

Knowing people: Knowing people, understanding people, respecting people, not only to know the appearance of people, but also to know the potential of people;

Accepting people: Create a relaxed environment, make people feel comfortable, do not seek perfection and blame, and allow to improve self-discipline;

Educating people: Health is the foundation, moral education is the first, skills are the most important, and everyone becomes a talent;

Employment: Provide a stage for each employee to display their talents and create opportunities for learning, development and promotion;

Be a person: treat each other with sincerity, be kind to others, be dedicated to work and work, be loyal to your duties, take the company as your home, and share honor and disgrace with the company.